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Contemporary House Entrance - by F3 Architecture
Hermes Store Design - by F3 Architecture
Contemporary House Design - by F3 Architecture

Welcome: We are F3 Architecture

F3 Architecture is a firm with over 20 years of experience in multiple fields of architecture. Conception through completion, F3 Architecture takes care of everything. From an urban scale masterplan to the finest detail, we get involved in all aspects of the project, working together with other disciplines to accomplish a successful integral result.

All our designs respond to functional solutions and provide a unique image. The client’s needs and values is the soul of the project. Our goal is to reflect his values and individuality in our design. Almost all of our clients are recurring or referrals.

F3 Architecture focuses on creative design and detail to achieve high quality architecture. We have produced a diverse range of projects such as Residential, Equestrian, Commercial and Entertainment buildings, and we have done so with efficiency through all the stages of design and development.

We are a team at F3 Architecture. Our team is much better than any of us individually. “Design” is our mantra.

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Areas of Expertise

Contemporary Houses

Our approach to each project is specific. They all have their own logic which responds to the client’s needs. Our team of architects and designers work closely together to meet the expectations and to create inspiring livable environments for the user’s comfort and ease.

Through our years of experience we have developed our own aesthetic and formal language.

F3 specialises in Hi-End residential buildings and provides strong client representation through the whole design development and construction process.

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Horse Breeding Farms

For over 15 years we have been working in the Equestrian business side by side with breeders and farm owners. We have travelled around the world learning and understanding this field and have had the great chance of designing many horse breeding farms over the years.

We take the essence of horse breeding into account while designing. Including and combining it with effective architectural innovations, we provide effective solutions to create the best suitable environment for Equestrian activities.

Stalls, Reproduction Centers, Veterinary clinic, Training Centers, Sales Pavilions, Admin Offices, Master-Planning, Infrastructure. We handle all of it, designing every detail with one thing in mind: high performance horses.

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Office Buildings

We design buildings for your company that are for the current times. We use the best technology available and that is overseen in the design of our buildings, in the exterior as well as the interior.

We specialize in interviewing the key players in your company so we understand the real needs of the building we design, and we give you an efficient product. We think now how your needs can change in the future, so we prepare your office space for expansions or changes.

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Retail And Commercial Architecture

Clients such as Zara, Hermès, Calvin Klein, Guess, Nautica have trusted us with their projects to accomplish effective and customer-focused design solutions.

Time is of the essence in Retail Construction and Design. Having built over 70 retail stores in the last few years, we adapt and support the needs of the brands we work with.

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Casino And Hotel Design

F3 has been in the Gaming Industry since 2004. We designed multiple venues that have become city landmarks.

These mixed-use facilities offer a wide variety of activities and inviting atmospheres for entertainment and leisure, including slot machine floors, simulcast lounges, poker rooms, live music and dining options. Focusing on creative design, colourful dynamic spaces, unusual textures and playful shapes, our projects inspire fun and create memorable experiences for customers to revisit.

Casino business is an everyday changing process. We understand that. Flexibility guides our projects since inception and our team is capable of adapting and moving quickly to get the required changes done on time and budget. We work with top casino-related consultants that understand the way this business works too.

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Residential and Mixed-Use Buildings

We have the best team available for designing condo and commercial buildings. We understand the market, and we have top of the line consultants in our team.

Condo, rental, commercial or mixed-use, we are at your service to give you an outstanding product.

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Our Services

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Our Motto

Design, Design, Design

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